Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days to a Peaceful Holiday Season: Menu Planning Part 1.

Welcome to Almond Place! This month, I'm participating in the Write 31 Days and focusing on ways to make our holiday season a little calmer this year.  Each of these daily posts can be found HERE if you'd like to go back to the beginning and read them all.

Even though we are just barely into October, we are are already launching into holiday season. Our Jewish friends have just celebrated Rosh Hashanah and tonight thru tomorrow they celebrate Yom Kippur.

Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 13th with Halloween just 2.5 weeks after that.  Of course we have a few weeks off before we get American Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years.

For all you blended families, God Speed! That's a lot of holidays. Meaning, that's a lot of food.

So this is where I break things down into smaller chunks...go ahead and cut those holidays into toddler bite sized pieces.

Since our family is Catholic, we don't have to worry about blending faith holidays.  That does truly make this process easier. We will celebrate 2 Thanksgivings, Christmas and New Years. We will have a few holiday events to attend but nothing where I need to panic a prepare a large meal.

So let's chalk this up to 4 major meals.

My two Thanksgivings will be identical. I may make a different variation of a dish, but overall we're talking the same meal.  Turkey, potatoes, carrots, stuffing, rolls, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy and pie....glorious pie.

Christmas will be nearly identical but I might bust out a ham in place of turkey...and New Years will be more finger foods with a homemade pizza bar.

I know I'm going to want to have enough easy meals to prepare in between these huge cooking days so I'll be pulling out some of our favorites to help ease the load. This is not the time of year where I start experimenting. Since we've already sort of mapped out our calendar, I will pick 30 recipes and begin working those into my shopping list.  Any non-perishable items from those recipes will be added over the next month so that come American Thanksgiving, I am ready to tell December to BRING IT!...just let me pop my casserole in first ;-)

This is my task for the next couple of for, organize, make the list and plan the rough dates for these meals. It also allows me to watch for the sales, plan my coupons and make one giant Costco run before that parking lot turns into a death trap!

Come on back tomorrow when we talk about holiday travel!

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