Thursday, November 20, 2014

Caring for the Caregiver: Guest Post

Mama in the NowToday I'm guest posting over at Mama in the Now.  ToveMaren is a sweet Mama of 4 young boys who has a great parenting blog.  I love her style and her heart for living in the now! It's what I strive to do with my kids and while I have success and failure in this daily, it's nice to know other moms who are working hard for the same thing!

My post today is part of her series "Caring for the Caregiver".  I share a little bit about my struggle to find a community of moms where I really felt like I fit in and how I created my own in this giant city of mine.  It's transformed how I feel about living where I do and I hope it can inspire you if you are searching for ways of taking care of yourself as the Mama Caregiver for your family.