Thursday, November 6, 2014

Princess Leia Sprinkler Time #tbt

Over the past few days, I've seen a trend in my friend's Instagram and Facebook photos....ones filled will beautiful crisp fall days followed by dark, dreary, coldish, days...even some images of snow!  Now, growing up in the Yukon, we ALWAYS had snow for Halloween...everywhere else in Canada I've lived?  Well, it was hit or miss....

I've lived in Arizona for 12 years and now that I have kids, I can honestly say I am so glad I do not have to plan their Halloween costumes around their snowsuits!

So, as I watch all of those "soon to be winter" photos show up, this past week I sent my little Princess Leia out in the yard to play in the Sprinklers before we headed off to go Trick-or-Treating.

Is there anything more joyful than watching a 2 year old play in the sprinkler?  The costume? Well, that's a bonus :-)

Putting Grace's Halloween Costume together was super easy and one that we will be able to do over and over. We already had these white clothes and I simply bought a roll of brown ribbon to make her belt and sash.  She felt like the most awesome super girl!

For the evening, and because her clothes now needed to be washed, we changed her into one of Daddy's white undershirts for a more gown like style.  I also made the token Leia hair out of a giant pipe cleaner I purchased at Michael's for about 2 dollars. She wore these for quite a while and then was done! The pink cape? That was courtesy of Canada Grandma. Her costume cost us $4 total...pretty good, if I might say so myself!

Grace could not have been more excited to be a part of our Star Wars Troop and the boys were excited to have a little Leia to protect while we hit to town in search of candy. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Happy Throwback Thursday!


  1. My kids love Star Wars! This is an amazing costume- I love it! So smart!

  2. Thanks, Keri! It was so cheap and easy! I love costumes that can carry over when they want to play dress up :-)