Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lent 2015

I don't share a whole lot about my faith here on the's very intentional in that it's not the focus of my blog.  That being said, it's not hard to figure out that I'm Catholic.

This time in the church year, we enter into the season of Lent...if you're not familiar, it's a time of repentance, reflection, sacrifice and charity.  It's a rather somber time as we seek to work on the personal things that are causing us distance from our relationship with Christ.

While I have lots of spiritual things to work on, I've chosen this little ahem BIG project for these 40 days.  #40bagsin40days was started a few years ago by the blog White House Black Shutters. I've never done it and I've decided it was something I wanted to focus on this Lenten season.

It's time to DECRAPIFY....both spiritually and materialistically!  This challenge though is purely materialistically and I LOVE IT.

I am ready to be done with all of the extra stuff.  It's suffocating and I'm tired of it.  My husband is tired of it. My kids are tired of it.  Imagine a world where cleaning up doesn't have to take ALL day.

So here's my list of challenges...

Today, I tackled the glasses cabinet.  It was truly out of control.  I couldn't find what I needed, we had way too many kids cups and everything was disorganized. It took a total of 15 minutes to clear this cabinet out.

Two bags of crap came out of this cabinet.  TWO.  That's ridiculous.

And now....the after!  So much better!

No family needs 87 Dutch Brother cups...dare I say I'm even more embarrassed that we go there THAT often.  I mean, seriously...there are starving children in Africa, but we go to DB every other day.  Clearly some changes need to be made there.

The more excess we can clear, the more we have for others....more time, more money, more energy, more love.

Here's to Lent 2015 - Decrapify edition. #40bagsin40days

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  1. Wow what a great idea! I might have to save this one for next year :) We could definitely use less this year...Thanks for sharing. I'm writing someone a snail mail letter everyday. I hope I have 40 friends! haha, j/k.

    1. That's a great idea! A friend of mine did this and said it was one of her most formative really made her find the good in everyone and changed her perspective. I'm sure your 40 friends will love receiving these letters from you!

  2. I LOVE this idea of clearing away the materialistic stuff that sucks us dry! Even though we are a few days into Lent, I want to jump into this idea and clear away stuff to leave room for what's important! Great idea!

    1. jump on in! It's not too late! I'm loving getting rid of STUFF. It's so freeing!