Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Mommy Hook: Tuesday Talk Link Party

**Disclosure: this is a sponsored post**

Welcome back to Almond Place and this week's Tuesday Talk link Party!  We are loving all of your posts and hope you are finding some new friends and inspiration!

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Becky from BYBMG,
Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls,
Chelsea from The Contented Wife,
Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things,
Tara from Mrs.Coach Sims,
Keri from Living In This Season,
Sarah from Abiding In Grace,
Lauren from Simply Free ,
Andrea from Mitchael Journey,
Jessica & Katie from Sweet Little Ones,
Mandy from Almond Place,
Teressa from Teressa Jane

Today, I want to share with you a super handy little tool that I received in the mail a few weeks ago.
It's called "The Mommy Hook".  It has been so helpful to me these past couple of weeks, that I'd like to pick up a second one!  Even though my youngest kiddo is 2.5, and we aren't lugging a ton of stuff around with us anymore, nor do we even ever really use a stroller, I have used The Mommy Hook almost every day.

I've used it to carry in a ton of groceries....eliminating a full trip in and out to the car.  I've used it to carry our sports equipment to practice and to strap all the backpacks to the stroller on the day I decided to haul it out.

It's truly been a fantastic tool and I'd recommend it not only to my Mom friends/readers, but to anyone who would like that extra little hauling boost!

The Mommy Hook is being oh so kind and offering 2 freebies up to 2 readers.  Enter the giveaway here and be sure to share with your friends!  Winner will be announced next Monday, February 16th and the hooks will be sent out directly from the company.

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  1. Sarah, Charleston.
    I would probably use mine to carry my purse and diaper bag on the back of my stroller. :)

  2. I never thought about using it for grocery bags! I typically have mine on the stroller to hold all the coats, purses, diaper bags...:)

  3. Chele, Wake Forest.
    I would use it to carry grocery's into the house, cause I would rather cut off circulation to my fingers than make 2 trips! lol But, it would also be nice to have a place to hang my bag on the stroller...so I can have atleast 1 hand free for our non-stroller riding kiddos!