Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brand Loyalty? #TuesTalk

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Growing up, my family was very loyal to their "brands"....we only ever used Colgate toothpaste, chewed Trident gum, washed our clothes with Tide, and our dishes with Palmolive.  I very distinctly remember my mother only ever buying those specific products....oh and the Coke vs Pepsi debate?  We will always be a Coke family.

Now that I have my own little family, I find myself doing something similar without even being conscious of it...I've swapped the Colgate for Toms, the laundry detergent and dish soap for Shaklee, and the gum? Well, that's stayed Trident :-)  So has the Coke...I'll drink Pepsi if I HAVE to, but if given the choice, I'm picking something else to drink if I'm craving a Coke and it's not available.  The other brand division I find myself 100% loyal to is Target vs Walmart....Target wins this one :-)  Safeway vs. Fry's? Hands down, Safeway wins for me.

So how about you?  Now that you are the main buyer for your household, are you brand loyal?  Do you find yourself gravitating to the things you grew up with or are you radically different?

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  1. I'm definitely a diet coke girl. Diet pepsi... I'll pass.