Friday, May 1, 2015

My Selfie Scrapbook

My most favorite social media platform is has been the one that has allowed me to connect most to people in real life.  I'd love if you'd pop over and follow me @Almondplace .  One of the loveliest groups of people I've met on there are fellow Project Lifers...

For the past 3 weeks, Jen Lake from Sunlight and Air has been hosting a challenge called #myselfiescrapbook where you follow along with the prompts and make a scrapbook all about you!  

I am loving everyone's albums and honestly, I kind of wish I would have gotten myself set up before this started, but I've opted to go ahead and do some Project Life App pages for this album.  I plan to print them 8X8, slip them in and call it done :-)

I told myself that I would not stress over making this album...and well, so far, I've kept my promise there.  In fact, I'm so NOT stressed out about it that I haven't actually started documenting...typical Mandy fashion there.  So, several of the ones from the first week never happened...I'M OKAY WITH THAT.

The first week was a series of prompts from Jen: Start with your feet, What you carry, Let's see those hands, your favorite shirt, jewelry, favorite hair style, YOU.

Week 2 was images with the prompt: From where I stand....this one was a little easier because all I had to do was take pictures of my feet in various location.

Week 3 has been to take a picture of yourself 4 different ways...think hair style, think outfit, etc...I'm choosing to focus on my various roles.

I have yet to figure out an opening page but what I love about this project is that I can simply pop these into an album and add to it as I go along...I love the idea of creating a book just for me :-)

Be sure to hop over to Instagram and follow along with the #myselfiescrapbook to learn more about the prompts and get loads of inspiration!

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