Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pincrazy Thursday: Final Edition

Hi, friends!

Well, we've decided to make this Thursday the final Pincrazy's been fun, but we're all just ready to move on.

As we head into summer here in Phoenix, we are getting ourselves ready to figure out what the heck to do with ourselves.  Stay tuned tomorrow for our family Summer Fun Friday list.

Here are some fun ideas I found on Pinterest for keeping our kids busy with crafts and some school prep for next year. Enjoy!

I absolutely ADORE Allison from No Time For Flash Cards I've been a long time reader of her blog...back when we both had tiny little guys :-)

This truck round up is awesome.

This week, the Hubs had a rare opportunity and was invited to a meeting at the White House!!  It was very exciting for all of us.  Unfortunately, that meeting didn't include Mr. President, however, it got me thinking about how we could start teaching the kids a little bit about US history...who better to start with than the top position?! 

Check out this cool poster to learn "How to Become President"....ironically they left out the whole
"you need to raise $2billion for your campaign"....(just sayin')

Also on that note...our kids happen to be dual citizens, so I want to make sure to include just as much on Canadian History for them.  We are lucky to be spending the summer in Canada this year and I'd like them to know a little more about where we will be visiting!

Although the website: Canadian History for Kids hasn't been updated in a few months, they have some great units!

I also liked the ideas in this unit from Starts at Eight

I hope you're inspired to find some fun things to do with your kiddos this summer that are also educational!  Thanks for linking up to PinCrazy Thursday!!

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