Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Fun Friday: The Zoo

We've had a busy first full week of vacation!  The kids are enjoying the later evenings, and tons of free play.  We are blessed to live in a community where we have kids nearby and they all travel freely between houses.  This week, they've spent a little more time over at the neighbors and it's been fun to hear them from afar...I'm sure our house will be the hang out place next week!

We have been members of the Phoenix Zoo for nearly 8 years now and really enjoy walking around.  It's changed so much in the few years we've been going and I'm always impressed at their improvements.  If you're local and not a member, you're missing out!

We realized this week that we hadn't actually gotten to the zoo since we went in November for Zoolights.  So, we thought it was time to make another trip.  This past weekend was truly our last beautiful weekend until October...those roasting triple digits came roaring back and we are all hibernating again.

The kids spent most of the time at the cavern splash pad.  The nice part about the membership is that I feel no pressure to see everything or to spend a certain amount of time there.  If we were paying full price, we'd literally spend every minute there that we could.

The central lake is quite lovely!

My little shivering Arizona babies

So far, we've crossed 3 big things off our list and will get our first camping trip in this weekend too!  I'm excited to get them back off the grid for a few days....I'll be sure to report back next week with the number of Ewoks we managed to find ;-)

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