Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Fun Friday: Children's Museum of Phoenix

Welcome back to Summer Fun Friday!  So sorry we missed last week but we were too busy having fun and enjoying our last week of beautiful weather.  This week, we are living in a cave with the temps now into the 110-112F range...

This past Friday, we celebrated Gracie's 3rd birthday.  I just LOVE this age.  She is independent, and fun.  We've entered a new phase in our little family with no strollers or diaper bags required.  It's quite blissful!

If you've not visited the Children's Museum of Phoenix and you're anywhere in the area, you really should get over there.  It's super fun.  We used to have a membership, but let that go for a couple of  years when Grace was super little and the boys were too big to go in the baby area.  Now that they are all at the ideal age, we started our membership again.

Everything in this place is so so creative.  Every detail is taken care of.  I love that they have something new every time we visit.  Unfortunately we got there at the very end of the day, which meant limited time, but it also meant that the crowds were gone and we basically had the place to ourselves.

Our favorite spaces were the noodle forest, the fort room and the grocery store.  The kids had a fantastic time and are excited to get back a little later on in the summer!

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