Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guest Post: Keri Snyder

Wow...MONTHS have gone by. So very much has happened and while I'm not quite ready to share yet, I do plan on relaunching this blog this fall...lots of great ideas and I will have quite a bit more time to actually write and get things organized...more on that in a few weeks.

Today, I'd like to welcome one of my good blogging friends, Keri Snyder, who is launching her book today!  Keri has been the catalyst for our little blog group and been a huge support to me these past 2 years.  Go buy her book...you will love it!

Now, please welcome Miss Keri....

Learning to overcome comparison with these tipsComparison is an ugly weed that often takes root in us. Many times we do not even realize it until it starts to crowd out everything that is good. We compare over what our kids are doing, our marriages, our houses- basically everything. We have to be intentional about overcoming comparison and keeping it from taking root in us. While there are many ways that we can fight comparison, I like to think of it focused around three things.

(1) Be confident in who you are and what your gifts are. The amazing thing is that we are all created uniquely and each of us have different gifts. Look around you and you will see how different everyone is. Now look at yourself. What are you gifted in? What has God placed specifically on your heart? Instead of trying to be someone else and do what everyone else is doing, be you.

(2) Stop comparison immediately. The more aware we are of comparison, the easier it is to stop it. We have to choose to let go of thoughts that will lead down the ugly road to comparison and bitterness. Sometimes this may mean spending less time on social media. Sometimes this may mean writing out Bible verses to encourage you. The point is that you stop it right away.

(3) Cheer others on. Instead of going down the road to comparison, choose to cheer others on. When you see the someone doing something different than you, give them a compliment. Instead of looking at differences as threats, we can choose to look at them as gifts. We can do this- we can overcome comparison and start to thrive as women- as moms. Have the roots of comparison grown deep within you, pull them out. It is a process, but trust me once you pull them out, you will feel so much better. 

I just LOVE that third tip...nothing makes me happier than seeing others succeed...of course not everyone feels that way...sometimes it's anger, or jealously, or envy. But cheering others on sends out loads of good karma and in turn, I always find it comes back tenfold!

Keri just relaunched her book, Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive. This book is full of tips for moms to start thriving. It is a quick read that will give you the tools you need get out of survival mode. Find out more here.

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