I'm Mandy...34...Wife to Jim...Mom to 3 littles: Andrew (6), Jacob (5), Grace (2)...We have a dog named Molly who is the HUBS' dog.  I live in the desert with my little brood and long for a season other than "hot".

I grew up in Canada and miss it terribly although I am very blessed with the life I have built living in the US.  Yes, I do hope to return to Canada to live....someday....but for now, Arizona is home.

I love all things related to paper....fancy packaging, letter head, scrapbook supplies, etc.  I love the idea of a Kindle to keep all of our "books" but hate the idea that I can't really connect with a book.  I love turning those pages and swiping just isn't the same.

I am a professional musician by trade, and wannabe photographer/memory keeper at heart.  I was inspired by a fellow blogger and our family photographer to learn how to use my camera and now I'm actually getting somewhat good at it...although I will forever pay her to take those beautiful photos of our entire family :-)

I started Almond Place to connect to others on this journey of life, motherhood, and wifehood. I love my little blog and hope you do too.

Thanks for stopping by :-)


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